Reasons to Teach Kids About Spring

When parents notice their children’s natural joy over things like spring, and nurture it year after year by encouraging, teaching and enjoying spring activities together, this helps turn that joy into something remembered that the children can call upon throughout their lives.

Help Kids Develop Mastery and Life Skills

Helping children notice and celebrate the signs of spring is a wonderful way to hone observation skills. This teaches focus, presence, and living in the moment. Observation skills make people better writers, scientists, and global citizens. Using nature to teach these skills can shake children and parents alike out of the rut of day-to-day life.

FInding signs of spring with kids can result in wonderful parent-child bonding. Photo: Barunpatro,

FInding signs of spring with kids can result in wonderful parent-child bonding. Photo: Barunpatro,

Observing nature can help kids get comfortable with their surroundings and feel as if they have some  mastery of their world and a sense of connection to it. This can naturally help children trust and develop their intuition. The more they are aware of their surroundings the more they will be apt to notice if something is awry.

Teaching Spring Activities Can Promote a Love of Learning

If parents and children together learn the names of the flowers, birds and things in nature, this help kids develop confidence about learning new things. Connecting with nature and the world around them and knowing the names of things in it, can help them feel like they belong in this world – like they are a part of it.

Celebrating Spring With Kids Fosters “Natural Highs”

Affirming kids’ natural instincts to get excited about the simple things can go a long way in a world of constant electronic over-stimulation. It gives kids another frame of reference about what makes people happy. Do this by engaging them when they pick a flower or chase a frog. Be as excited as they are. Focusing on nature can help kids get outside of themselves, it can teach them to experience “natural highs” so they don’t need to depend on artificial ones later on.

In the future. When kids are feeling hopeless about a problem, parents can remind them, “Remember how excited we always were to see the signs of spring? Remember that no matter how difficult the winter was, there was always light at the end?”

Hope Springs Eternal

Spring has always been a time of hope. Poets and songwriters have extolled its virtues since time immemorial. The creative have used spring as a metaphor for hope, second chances, certainty, healing and restoration.

The return of spring can be a metaphor for a child’s relationship with God. How like God is spring – it can be counted on, it is reliable as the sunrise, worth waiting for and filled with hope, possibility and second chances. Like spring, their God will never fail them. Spring is a wonderful time to pray together, to thank the Creator for all that is new and hopeful in the world.

Kids won’t believe any of this if parents are simply preaching it. Parents can’t expect their children to do something they can’t do themselves. You must be ready to get your hands dirty, roll in the grass, listen to the birds singing, see the flowers blooming, find your inner joy. Feel it. Share it. You and your kids will be glad you did.

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